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Frigeria Warranty Registration | Terms & Conditions

Please click HERE for Frigeria Products' Warranty Registration

Frigeria Warranty General Terms & Conditions

  1. Your unit and the components contained herein are fully warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults for a period 12 months (unless otherwise provided by our Product Warranty Guide) from the date of purchase.
  1. This warranty does not particularly cover damage resulting from
    1. Accidents, misuse of any manner of tampering
    2. Usage of wrong electrical supply/ voltage
    3. Usage not in accordance with the operation instruction booklet
    4. Corrosion, rusts or stains
  1. This warranty is not valid unless the owner/ buyer of this unit shall within 14 days of purchase, send a copy of this warranty card duly completed to GOH SIN HUAT ELECTRICAL PTE LTD for registration.
  1. To obtain warranty protection, notice of the alleged defects must be given promptly upon discovery and this warranty card must be presented to our Service personnel at the time of service.
  1. The warranty hereon shall only be applicable for units which are in Republic of Singapore.
  1. The warranty does not cover losses, damages, defects or malfunction caused by Acts of God, fire, civil unrest and we shall not be under any obligation; legal or otherwise to repair your unit free of charge if the same shall be required as a result of losses, damages, defects and malfunction arising from any of the causes mentioned in this paragraph.
  1. If at any time during the warranty period any par or parts of the unit are replaced with a part of parts not supplied or approved by us or the unit have been dismantled or repaired by any person not authorized by us this warranty shall immediately cease and become void.
  1. This warranty protection does not include transport, delivery or handling charges incurred in the transportation of your unit to and from our Service Workshop.
  1. Under no circumstances must this warranty card be altered, defaced or erased in any manner. Such alteration, defacement or erasure shall render this warranty invalid.
  1. By submitting your unit for repair, you are deemed to have waived any claim of compensation, monetary or otherwise, which you may be entitle to and are deemed to agree to accept any compensation whatsoever, by way of additionally repair or otherwise, which in our absolute discretion may deem fit to offer. The giving of compensation under this paragraph shall be subject to the other provisions in this warranty.
  1. The terms and conditions of this warranty shall be contained exclusively in this document and no other presentation or provision, either written or otherwise, regardless of the or origin of the same, shall be accepted as either adding or subtracting from these terms and conditions.
  1. Our decision on all questions relating to complaints as a result of defects, either workmanship or material, shall be conclusive and you shall agree to abide by such a decision. Any unit or defective part which have been replaced shall become our property.